Jet lag love and a few things learned

Good morning California, I’ve missed you, really. Being away from you for a week made me realize how much I appreciate you! I sure love coming home. The feeling never gets old. And what can be better than jet lag on the way back? I sure hope this getting up extra early without an alarm clock will last for some time. On the other hand here are a few things I learned about myself and in general in the past week.

-Traveling = reading for me. I always make time for reading, so I never feel reading deprived, but something about getting on the airplane screams reading time to me and so I read, like crazy!

-I attract strangers like glue. My sisters asked me after the trip if I befriended any strangers this time around, and my answer was too many. The sweet Irish Kate I met in line saved me a seat on the airplane and taught me enough business organization and travel tips for a lifetime, and this one Canadian I sat next to at Starbucks didn’t let me study for half hour.

-I’m incredibly happy with where I am today, with my business and with my life. Of course there’s lots of room to grow, but being satisfied with where I am today is priceless. I remember my professor Todd trying to help me map out my future while still in Israel. Hebrew University for graduate studies, maybe somewhere else abroad for a PhD, and while all of that would have been great, I’m happy without the titles in front of my name. I love being a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend, a servant, and a wedding photographer for the world’s most amazing brides!

-You can never predict who will be in your life. On one of the nights in Texas, my professor Todd and his wife Kelli invited another student from my studies in Israel for dinner. Robert wasn’t one of my closest friends in Ibex, although we are all like one family, and his wife I’ve known just a little, yet sharing together memories around dinner table made it feel like we’ve been bestest of friends for a long time. Robert kept telling how amazed he is to be Todd’s neighbor in Texas, and I kept thinking of how amazed I am to be the family’s friend from California for the last eight years.

-Life is short, do the things you want to do now. There just might not be a second chance.

-I have some amazing friends! While in Texas I kept getting sweet texts from my girl friends with reminders that they miss me. On the way back from Texas I got very sick and didn’t have time to recover before a wedding on Saturday, and my sweet friends . . . encouraged me all weekend long with prayers and texts and calls. I wouldn’t be able to do it without them!

I’ve learned much more, but I’ll save my thoughts for later! And since posts are better with a photo, here are a few snapshots from my time in Dallas.


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