The next time around in Texas

Day three in Texas and I’m loving it.  And no I haven’t picked “y’all” yet, l’m sure my Houston friend Whitney is highly disappointed.  Neither have I seen any hats or cowboy boots around, maybe I haven’t got to the heart of Texan land yet.  On the other note, here’s a list of things to bring for your next trip to the South:  

… T-shirts!!! It’s warm, or warmer. The ones I brought just in case, happen to be my main wardrobe, which may or may not match.
… Flip flops and NOT boots. The later are much more comfortable to travel (except when you’re going through security), but simply don’t match the weather forecast.
… Band aids. You never know when you’ll need to take a walk and then cover up some blisters after the fact.
… Sunscreen and NOT an umbrella. Oh did I mention that the weather forecast lied, it definitely hasn’t rained or thunder-stormed yet.
… E-books. Space savers and back pain savers.
… Books in paper version for those times when all the electronic devices have to be turned off.
… A smile, for those times you need a stranger to put your luggage in the overhead bin. 
… Toms.  Best way to make an impression, if you want one that is. 
… Anything that has an “i” in front of it ( especially the iPad).  You’ll always be a hit on the plane. It’s also a great conversation starter and the kids will loooove you.

And if I happen to pick up any new suggestions in the next day and a half, I’ll make sure to let you know.  

A photo with my favorite Bolen kid


One thought on “The next time around in Texas

  1. You probably checked the weather for Sac, not Texas. cause it’s pouring, and thundering and very lightneningy around here. Hope you’re enjoying the sun there 🙂

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