Even the Smallest Plants Have to Grow

Remember the kid in class who would always raise his or her hand to ask a question in CHEMISTRY class! I was happy to remember that H2O stands for water, but to ask a question was beyond my world. I would have to go way deeper into my chemistry studies to ask any question period, but thankfully I was spared that path. Instead I’ve journeyed into something I still have hard time believing . . . art! And I love every moment of it. When I look back I feel like I had one of the slowest starts in my photography business. The things I’ve done in reverse can scale to a mountain. One of the hardest things was of course being alone on your journey. Struggling in every imaginable area and feeling all alone while at it. And there were definitely no intelligible questions I could have asked at that point, I was just grasping the basics. Coming up to almost five years since I picked up a DSLR camera I finally feel like I can raise my hand, with lots of questions. The things that were as unclear as the ppt at one point, are now making sense and I am able to ask questions that will push me forward.

Honestly I couldn’t be more thrilled. For one this means I’m growing and can keep going in my photography endeavor. And secondly, running my business has never been easier. I’m finally able to filter things in my brain and learn. I know what steps to take to succeed in my business, I know my weaknesses and how to handle them, and I know my goals. It’s true that I didn’t even know where to find any helpful information when I started, there wasn’t a [b] school around. But even when I found all these helpful sources online I could not process it all, neither apply it all. What’s different today? The information hasn’t changed, but I have. I wish there was some easier way to get to where I am today, but I had to grow through the many experiences that came my way, through intensive reading, through constantly talking out my ideas to my sisters and brother-in-law (I owe them big time). I had to change and I’m better person because of this change. Growing is often intimidating and challenging, oh but how rewarding it is at the end.

One of the ways I could monitor the change was in the course of theFix put on by Jasmine Star two weeks ago in San Francisco. I owe so much to Jasmine. It was nice to get a photo with her, but maybe in the future I could buy her a drink and tell her how much she has contributed to my change. TheFix focused on struggle and how to overcome it, on fixing your business, and building relationships that will help you make it along the way. Listening to her talk, to the stories told, to her struggles and victories, I was amazed at how much of this I was actually getting. I’ve read probably every single entry Jasmine has ever written (made me a better writer for sure), and that evening I felt like I could put all the puzzle pieces together, and I absolutely loved it! I had much different expectations for the evening, but walking away seeing my change beats them all. I still have a long way to go, but even the smallest plants have to grow until the flower stages. Lots of love, Yuliya

photo credit theFix.


3 thoughts on “Even the Smallest Plants Have to Grow

  1. “Someone has asked what is new!
    Yes! What do I tell them?
    Well, what did you tell them?
    I told them I would ask!
    What are you blathering about?
    Customers are asking what is new!
    What should I tell them?
    What did you tell them?

    random quote came to mind while reading about asking questions…
    you’ve finally met the star, now you’re like so much cooler…:)

  2. Haha, you know just how to make me laugh, so can we have Ratatouille for dinner tonight? Oh and I’m so glad I’m so much cooler with you know, have to keep earning those cool points with you ;).

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