Maybe someday . . .

Every time Sunday night rolls around my head is full of writing topics. All the incidents during the week, the things I’ve observed, the books I read, the new insights I gained . . . culminate in my head at the end of the week and cry to come out. In a way I’m grateful for this. Writing has always come exceptionally hard for me, so to naturally want to escape into it, is a plus. On top of that this means my life is always full of excitement, although maybe a little too much of it nowadays . . . my body is screaming for recovery time. As much as I love writing through, and have all of these ideas, Sunday nights find me with little energy to write them all down, and Monday mornings tend to start with a clean palette. I have to remind myself what day it is, of the meetings coming up, the fifty things in my Reminders App, oh and of the fact that I wanted to write on my blog. Maybe someday I will write every time I’m impulsed to, but this will suffice for today. If I disappointed you, I’ll try harder tomorrow.

And because posts are always better with a photo, how about one of the lovely Danielle and Jeff.


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