Palo Alto Wedding: Irene + Joe

She was a girl behind the screen. Her name, a small avatar, and her competitive spirit when it came to online gaming, was about all he knew. He was a friend of a friend and in the online community quickly made it to Irene’s trusted circle. Oh and when it came to playing …. Joe was an excellent match. Little did they know that in real life they would make even a better match. After casual chatting they met in person and just like they were nseparable behind their screens, became inseparable in real life. She could finish his sentences, and he could keep up with her energy like no one else.

When it came to asking, he did it in the circle of their church family and closest friends. It involved a game and a video to recap their meeting and dating years … and it wouldn’t be perfect if it didn’t end with some bling on her finger.

Irene and Joe, I’ve only met you for a short time before your wedding, but on the day of, I felt like you’re my life long friends. Your high spirits in the morning, the jokes, and the smiles, turned a rainy Palo Alto day into a bright one. Thank you for sharing some of the most precious moments of your lives with me. What an honor to have watched your wedding day up close in the circle of your friends and family. I love your care, spontaneity, and easy going attitude, and the fact that you bought your wedding dress just two weeks before. Whatever life holds for you, either making your own games or creating the next Pixar animation hit, I’ms so happy we’ve met and can’t wait to see what you two will come up with together!

Lots of love, Yuliya

Irene, you are gorgeous!!!! And Jessica, thank you for the lovely make-up job!

First look before the ceremony! Love.

Love it when I get a favorite shot early on in the day, Joe and Irene you rocked it out beautifully!

A few more photos of the bride and groom closer to sunset!

Liz, your desserts are delicious!

To see more of Joe and Irene’s wedding photos click HERE for a slideshow!




2 thoughts on “Palo Alto Wedding: Irene + Joe

  1. These look great Yuliya!! Thank you so much for all your hard efforts and for always keeping the conversation alive throughout the photo shooting! We are so blessed that God allowed us to meet you. We hope God brings you to many more wonderful opportunities to share your wonderful gift of photography.

    -Joe & Irene

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