Rainy days, Redwoods Retreat and Arabian Horses

Rainy days make it so hard to blog. I’d rather curl into a chair and read a book and sip on something warm.

The past weekend I spent in the serenity of redwoods, somewhere between Santa Rosa and the Pacific Ocean. And I miss it. The walks through the woods, sun rays dancing in the trees above, the fresh air, adventures with my friends, gym volleyball, and lots of driving through lush green hills of California. Indoor volleyball doesn’t seem fitting with all the outdoor fun, yet our retreat place has a nice gym. For the last three years I’ve played my first volleyball games of the year on that court. I sure missed volleyball and this weekend reaffirmed my love for it. Can’t wait for those warm summer night with lots of games.

Before retreating into the woods, my sister Dinah, our friend Anna and I visited my dad’s friend’s ranch to look at his new horses. I don’t know who in our family isn’t fascinated with horses. One of my favorite memories from Egypt is riding a horse super fast across the desert with Pyramids in the backdrop. The fun old days. Unfortunately this weekend I thought the white Arabian is going to trample me down. Thankfully as the owner said, the horse was just showing off, and after running full speed at me stopped right in front of my face. On the other hand, I got some fun shots and I do think Arabian horses are gorgeous! Enjoy and maybe I’ll blog the rest soon.

My dad’s friend Mark with Al.


2 thoughts on “Rainy days, Redwoods Retreat and Arabian Horses

  1. Hi, from your Dad’s friend Mark! Great pics of the horses. Enjoyed your visit. Come back anytime!

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