Lindsey & Patrick: Saratoga Engagement

She was warned he might like her. She didn’t think much of it. It wasn’t long into the wedding that he came up to her and started casually chatting. Lindsey came to help out with kids for his sister’s wedding and although their families knew each other for a long time, they somehow haven’t met. The sweet Lindsey quickly stole the Irish man’s heart, and he pursued her despite the fact that she was taken. Patrick was not like the others, yet just like someone she could spend the rest of her life with. She gave in and fell hard for him. He was perfect in so many ways and so was their engagement night, planned out for their trip to Ireland. Surrounded by closest family in the candle-lit dining hall of an ancient castle, he got the crowd into singing an old Irish folk song and the last stanza he wrote and performed alone. It was now his tern to steal her heart and he did, putting lots of sparkle on her finger while at it.

Lindsey and Pat, your stories, love for one another, and deep care for others, are precious. Chatting with you over Italian made me feel so lucky to have the job I do and to meet people like you. Thank you for including me into your lives and sharing sweet memories with me. I can’t wait to hang out with you guys again, to hear some iceskating stories (so jealous, Lindsey), and to toast to your future, together! Can’t wait till your wedding. Lots of love, Yuliya.

Oh Lindsey girl, you are beautiful!!!!

Are they lovely together or what?

And saved the best for last right?

To see more of Lindsey’s and Patrick’s pictures click HERE for a slideshow.


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