San Francisco Engagement: Sophia + Bradley

It might have been love at first sight if it weren’t for a bad experience with her first flight instructor. After seeing an amazing aerobatics show Sophia signed up for classes. Her second instructor seemed nice, but she was only looking for detailed instructions on how to fly and preferably the sooner without his help the better. Bradley on the other hand, was in for more than just flying. After landing, he would occasionally invite her to lunch. He intended to keep her longer than just instruction time, and she slowly warmed up to him. When the classes were over, it was now her term to invite him to dinner. Somewhere between their talks, the times spent flying, and enjoying a lunch after, she fell in love, too hard to turn back. Sophia’s and Brad’s wedding is coming up in April and I am more than thrilled to be a part of it! And there will be airplanes involved!

Sophia and Brad, where do I start? I had the bestest time roaming around San Francisco with you guys. You make one of a kind couple and I cannot be more happy for you two! Whatever it is you venture into next, aerobatics or flying over continents together, I’m happy to take a part of the beginning of your journey! Lots of love and appreciation, Yuliya

We started off at the SF city hall!

Sophia, you are so beautiful!

After a quick outfit changed we headed to Shakespeare Garden for more photos!

Hello miss Anthropologie! You’re gorgeous.

Can’t do without a shoe shot!

To see more of Sophia and Bradley’s engagement photos click here for a slideshow!




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