Random Recollections

When I think of Valentine’s Day I think of that one time when my roommate’s mom sent me a package filled with chocolate hearts and kisses, (that’s why Charlotte was my favorite roommate). I think of this Valentine’s story. I think of a tiny Valentine’s card my friend Anna gave to me which reads “You’re the best, deal with it!” (Anna obviously gets cool points in my book). I think of my cousin who got engaged on February 14th, which also happens to be her birthday (have a good one Luda!). I think of my friend Naomi’s brother, who sent a single rose to all his female friends in college on Valentine’s Day. Chris didn’t happen to leave his name, so I had no idea who sent me the rose until some time later, and since I happened to check my mailbox when the post office was closed, my rose died and was thrown away. I’m sure I can remember many other Valentines, but I’ll spare you the details. On the other note, how rad is this cup? Starbucks gets the cool points this time! Hope you have a good one! xoxo Yuliya


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