2011 Highlights

Tucked into a corner of a bustling coffee shop in the morning, with pencil in one hand and a latte in another, I jutted down notes in preparation for 2012. Wedding dates, engagements, intended purchases, goals, weaknesses, strengths . . . Over a month has gone by, but I keep looking through those pencil etched notes, and smiling at how lucky I am to make beautiful photographs for living. Thank you to my dear brides for inviting me into your lives and letting me partake in something so beautiful and sweet. I simply can’t wait for all the beauty and happiness that awaits me this year! Cheers to my third wedding season.

… And how about a few images to highlight 2011?

my favorite first look, just love these two!


5 thoughts on “2011 Highlights

  1. Wow Yuliya, these are so, so gorgeous and inspirational. =) I am away at the moment but I’ll be back soon and will have new material to blog, so I’m really excited about that. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you’ll come up with this year!

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