Weekend Roundup

Oh world it’s Friday! I have no idea why I’m excited, since Saturdays mean work for me, but tomorrow is a day off and for once I can share someone’s excitement about a weekend. And on top of having a day off, tomorrow night my sister Dina and a few girlfriends of mine will experience something quintessentially Russian, the Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky. I looove Tchaikovsky, but Tchaikovsky plus ballet is paradise. And it will also be performed by the Moscow ballet, is that cool or what? I sure hope I don’t forget the tickets.

Besides the exciting weekend, I’m still a bit sick. Yesterday I spent most of the day in bed, but I was far from being unproductive. Actually I was amazed at how many activities I came up with and tasks that I’ve been wanting to do for a while, but just didn’t make the time for them. I had a loose button from my wool coat sitting on my nightstand for over two months, so I finally took out the coat and sewed it back on. It’s a great feeling.

And before I go off, how about some beautiful music to help you pass the afternoon? Happy Friday world! Yours truly, Yuliya


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