The little things which mean the world . . .

It was almost a sort of a game we played every once in a while, while doing our homework on our beds. My roommate Charlotte and I would sit with our books and laptops on our beds, and if we needed to get something out of backpacks or drawers, instead of getting up and taking the two steps to reach the needed object, we would stretch out our arms as far as we could with the goal of not leaving the bed. It was rather amusing. Since our college dorm room was tiny, you could pretty much reach anything, yet not without some neck straining in the process. Once in a while someone would forget to shut the door all the way, so Charlotte would stretch out her leg as far as she could in effort to close it and once crawled on the floor to shut the door with one of her legs still touching the bed. “I did it!” she would exclaim, “… without leaving the bed.” We would laugh and then go back to studying, all the while thankful for carefree days like those.

I remembered those nights while laying sick in bed yesterday and today. There is one person who always, like almost every. single. time. gets off her bed/sofa for me and gets me the one object that might be just out of my reach. She gets up to do my outfit checks, so I accidentally won’t wear a wrong shade of color. She proofreads my blogs when I needed that bit of encouragement. She leaves her homework and laptop to come into my room and listen to some random funny story I read (which is usually funny only to me). She leaves the room to go to the kitchen to grab a cup of tea or vitamins I need when sick. To look at some cool picture that I’ve found, to bring me a book from the living room, something I left in the car. You name it, she always gets up for ME!!! And for that, I’m speechless and feel totally unworthy to have her as my sister. Thank you Dina, for dropping everything so often to do that little thing for me, it really means the world!



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