Common Courtesy + Colds

Do you find it funny how much personal space we’re accustomed to (well at least here in the States)? It’s as if there is a rule book on the extent of personal space and everyone knows the bounds. No one talks to the person next to them on the treadmill, because obviously they are in their own little space, which is worlds away and not a foot away. There’s an appropriate distance at the bank, at the coffee shop, you name it. I’ve always wondered what would happen if someone would break the rule, well until today. While reading at Starbucks this morning, a lady came in, headed to my table and asked me if someone was sitting right across from me, like the chair that is facing MY table? Ummm no, and after hearing my answer she put her laptop on the table, sat down and started working inches away from my face. Whaaaaaaat? I almost informed her that we are not in Egypt (where personal space doesn’t exist). Obviously she needed to plug in her computer into the only available plug next to my table, but could she at least give me some kind of explanation for sitting at my table!!!!! Seriously, common courtesy people. I couldn’t call up police, since the personal space book doesn’t exist on paper, so I kept on reading for the next five minutes. My awesome stranger had the courage of getting up and ordering her drink, of course relying on my service to watch her laptop, without asking for it! I was really hoping she would check her email and leave, but no, she kept on sitting there, so I got up, wished her a nice day, she wished me one as well, and went searching for another table.

Well besides being speechless about the not so nice lady incident, I finally came down with a cold. I wasn’t really waiting for it, but I was battling sickness signs for the last few days and my body gave in today. I will go and drink the fifth doze of vitamin C for today and I hope the rest of you will have a fabulous day!


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