How it all started: Part II

Hello World! Welcome to Part II of how I got into wedding photography.  If you still haven’t, you might want to read part one before going on with this one.  I ended the last post with me in Jerusalem browsing through a photographer’s blog and dying for an opportunity to take photos of people for the first time ever.  
On my return to the States in 2007, I signed up for a photography class and borrowed my brother-in-law’s DSLR camera.  It wouldn’t be life if it had no mistakes in it. This class was definitely one.  I grew disappointed and discouraged.  What it did do is make me go out on shoots, gave me a photography friend, and a confidence to pursue what I love.  
Somewhere in between watching photographers’ blogs and attending class with wedding photographers I fell in love with wedding photography.  If I could shoot a wedding for free, I would do it, just to try.  And it happened.  My sister’s friend was getting married and asked me to take her photos.  I thought I was on top of the world.  I bought my own Canon 40D, an 85mm 1.8 lens (suggested by a friend), took my first engagement pictures, and even started a photography blog.  I couldn’t be more happier, except I didn’t like my work.  In fact, after the wedding I got discouraged, hid my camera and decided not to shoot once again.  I had a long way to go.    
Half a year later I got a job I couldn’t have dreamt up.  It was beyond all my expectations, and the pay? Ahhmazing.  I looked at pictures of Israel every single day, did research on ancient sites all over Mediterranean world, worked from home, had Skype chats with world’s famous archaeologist, and wrote till my eyes hurt.  But I couldn’t leave out my camera and secretly hoped to shoot again.  I started taking up my friends’ offers to do photo shoots for them, took my sisters out for pictures, and couldn’t stop looking at all those photographers’ blogs I’ve discovered along the way.  This slowed down my real work, and “the whole forty hours a week” and not having time for anything else in life, just crushed me. One day the job would end, but at this point I realized once again that working for someone else day in and out is not something I’m meant to do.  
“But the only thing predictable about life is its unpredictability.” Guess which movie?

If I haven’t bored you yet, see you tomorrow for Part III

No, I don’t have a picture of myself sitting behind a computer writing, I’m sure you can imagine that, but how about a video showcasing my labor of love, the product I so tirelessly worked on?


3 thoughts on “How it all started: Part II

  1. “First of all, I’m a rat, which means life is hard. And second, I have a highly developed sense of taste and smell.”
    ” I don’t like secrets. All this cooking and…and reading and TV-watching, while we…read and cook. It’s like you’re involving me in crime, and I let you. Why do I let you?” I believe this is the movie you were referring to. 🙂
    That video is really cool, never seen it. I should check out Glo sometime, it seems pretty cool. And plus knowing that you wrote a description for every rock found in Israel on that program would make it more interesting to read. 🙂

    Oh and I totally googled the quotes, I do NOT have Ratatouille memorized..haha

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