School for Photographers without Magenta Skin Tones

Every time I hear of someone going to school for photography I cringe. I love school, don’t get me wrong. But the photography course I took in junior college almost five years ago, more than anything set me back then pushed me to pursue photography. People I met were so techie, that is a word right? With light meters in their pockets, soft boxes and more equipment than I thought I’d ever own. This one guy almost attacked me in the lab for getting my skin tones too magenta. If this is what photography was about, I wanted to do nothing with it. So then I went to online sources for help. Read FAQ posts other photographers posted and gathered bits and pieces of information. It was tough, but every answer to my question that I found was like a tiny piece of gold someone handed me, and by browsing more online I felt like I collected enough pieces to form a brick!

When I worked as a writer for Glo, I met Jackie, who instantly became a close friend in the company. We only saw each other twice in person on my trips to Florida, but the rest of the time we chatted on Skype. She edited photos for the software and often chatted with me about photography. Once she sent me a link to an online course in Photoshop. When she told me it’s free I immediately signed up and watched my very first CreativeLive course. Little did I know that CreativeLive would soon be my biggest source of education. CreativeLive was still a school, but with the raddest teachers, top of the industry actually, and with no mean guy pointing out the magenta skin tones. This weekend they brought in Zach and Jody Gray into their classroom and for the next two days, including a full day today, I’m learning from the best, online, and for free! CreativeLive, I love you. Thank you for making my photography education and experience worth remembering!

Happy Friday y’all (I had a Texan wing mate in college).


oooh and they just got a new Website, love!


3 thoughts on “School for Photographers without Magenta Skin Tones

    1. Hey, but I’m done for today and I even blogged, could you believed it. And you blogged as much as I did this week 1 to 1 dearest!

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