Let it snow . . .rain . . . anything

Oh world, can you believe it, it’s finally raining? I walked out of the car and got to open my umbrella!!!! Joy, joy, joy! Then I sat in the coffee shop to the sound of raindrops hitting the pavement. More joy. Ahh, how I’ve missed rain. It hasn’t rained since October. The lack of rain did leave the colorful leaves on the trees for a long time, yet I’m so happy to have it back. A winter without any kind of precipitation does not feel like winter. Of course I wish that California winters were white, but grey and cloudy is still better than nothing falling out of the sky. Thankfully I don’t have much planned for this weekend, so I can stay indoors and do much needed planning, reflection, evaluation, reading and some studying. More joy, yeh?

And since my friends in Portland, Chicago, and UK are getting snowed on, how about some Pinterest board inspiration which screams all things winter!!! Sure makes me want to go see Nutcracker again, but Swan Lake should be just as good. Cheers!


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