Sherlock Holmes series . . . right outside my house

Why it is that we don’t follow our instinct, is still a mystery to me. I pulled up home on Saturday and since my sister’s car was standing in my usual spot, parked my car across the street. Something inside me told me to not leave my car parked there, but who likes to repark cars anyways. It seemed too burdensome at the moment. Yesterday on my way out to the church parking lot I noticed a crack right in the middle of my bumper. When I came closer I noticed more damage and that only a day or so after my sister told me I’m a very good driver. My heart sank. I tried to piece together all the places I’ve visited a day before, asked my dad if he noticed damage on my car, and no clues. After lunch my family joined me in examining my car and we solved the mystery together. My dad reassured me that I wasn’t crazy and my car was actually hit. My brother-in-law ended up being the Sherlock Holmes and found a business card with info on my windshield. When I read Geologist on the card, my mom joined in and said it’s our new neighbor. And dad said he did hear a crash yesterday. Brilliant, I wish I thought of all of that.

A new neighbor moved in next door to us and the first thing she does is hits my car, ummm what do I say? . . . welcome to the neighborhood??? So I did just that. Called her and welcomed her to the neighborhood. She too had no idea that I live next door and apologized for accidentally backing up the moving truck into my car (thank you very much). Besides that she seemed like a very nice lady and we quickly bonded over our love of pianos. She’s moving in with two, and I happen to have two as well. That sure makes us the most musical neighborhood around. Other than that, I still wish I wouldn’t have been lazy and parked my car in the garage. I might of not had this conversation, yet I’m sure there are many other creative ways to introduce yourself to your new neighbors!!!


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