Do what you love, because you love it

I would have never guessed his next question. “Are you number one?” My friend Mark and I stood in our dorm lounge talking about our class homework, but this question I did not expect. A few of my classes had a rank right under the class percentage and this one did too. Mark was an MK from some country I can’t remember now, and never really struck me as someone who would worry about getting the highest grade in the class. “You see,” he started explaining, “I know who’s number two, that guy who sits on the left, but I want to know who’s number one?” Obviously he was number three. He seemed really concerned and frankly I felt a little sad for him. The class was one of my favorites and I didn’t try hard for a grade, but because I extremely enjoyed it. I had no idea how I would help him with my answer, so I stood there and smiled. “I knew it was you!!!” he exclaimed. Not sure how the conversation went from there, but we still remained friends.

While evaluating my business the last two weeks and looking back on 2011, I had my disappointments. I wasn’t fully where I wanted to be at the end of last year, and even looking forward to this year, some things just might not happen. I started comparing myself to other photographers, imagining things I couldn’t have at the moment, which led to more depression. And that’s when I became Mark. Estimating myself based on my rank. There sure is no joy in such endeavors. I stopped, closed the list of not-happening page, and reminded myself to do what I love, because I love it. Be I a negative number on the rank, I love what I do and want to inspire you to do the same.


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