-the tiny black curls behind his ears
-the sweet smile with missing teeth
-“What’s that?”
-the pointing finger
-the ballet moves
-a book
-the loud stomping across the living room
-the waving hand
-the soft laughter
-the tiny onyx eyes
-the sweet hugs
-the camera ready smile
. . . and all the other things that say my nephew! I love you Josiah!


4 thoughts on “Josiah

  1. me: “Josiah, say totya”, Josiah: “tutu”, me: “say Dina”, Josiah: “Aaaaaa”… close enough 🙂
    Love the little things he says…

    1. Are you trying to get more comments in than Olia this year? I’m going to tell her, she might not like this. Lol. Thank you for the blog love, comments make any gloomy day sunny ;).

      1. Haha, yeah I’m definitely trying to get more points, I mean com’on we can’t have a tie with Olia, that’s just not fun…

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