. . . at least it helps me write

“Writing come out of two things: one, having something to say, and two, an unending diligence in trying to say it” Anonymous

I love that quote, yet I feel it every time I write. Writing is not something that is natural to me, yet I love it and believe it or not I have a lot of things to say. Dina announced to me last week that I talk too much. Not sure where she got that from. My response was, ” . . . at least it helps me write.” This week I started a writing project which involved me retelling my photographic journey and guess what? It was unbelievably hard, not because I don’t know the details of my life, but because I remember too many of them and all of them seem to be screaming to be included as part of the story. I kept remembering incident after incident, the good days and the many bad days, and I had to start over. I opened a blank window and started again. Although it was hard to start over, at the same time it was much easier to piece the details together the second time around. The story still seemed fresh to me and I got to the end of it much faster than the fist time around. I couldn’t even finish the first one I wrote, it was that detailed. All of that to say, it’s not ready to be shared with the world, yet it gave me a wonderful taste of writing for pleasure.

If you have any questions to me, ask away. I just might include the answer as part of my story.

And because posts are prettier with a photo. Here are two items on my desk that inspire me. Isn’t that card adorable? A sweet gift from Irina Leschinksi. Thank you, thank you 😉

Until the next time!


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