Photo Booth: Behind the Scenes

I should by now know of this recurring phenomenon, yet it still hits me every time it happens. As much as I might not like it, most things in my life have to happen through a lot of head beating against the table/wall, whatever’s at hand. Not easy in other words. I could blame myself from taking things too close to heart, but I’ll save that post for later. Where was I again? Oh the beating my head against the table part. On New Year’s Eve I paused in front of the photo booth, took a careful glance and asked myself, “Could this be done without breaking my head? Without emotional and physical exhaustion?” I wish I knew, but since that’s not an option, it might be a beneficial new year’s resolution to expect the challenges. And now that that one’s over, I can at least share some behind the scenes work on the photo booth.

After last year’s photo booth success, I started planning this one much earlier. The idea started with chalkboards. Those were made in October, you can read about the process here. I had an idea of either having people write their own message on the board or having a cityscape drawn on it, well because cityscapes are my favorite. I passed an idea to a few friends and family and they all liked the latter idea. Over our family Christmas dinner I passed all my ideas to my brother-in-law and asked him to make something out of them. I’m really good at passing my disorganized brain to others, but fortunately artists have this amazing ability of making out a whole out of a lot of nothing, just ask Van Gogh. He started piecing all the details together and throwing out his. Cityscapes. Ice Skates. Presents. It seemed so easy when he said it all and I finally started seeing my vision come together.

There was one thing missing. While driving around town it finally came to me. A lamp post! It would give the photo booth more of a room feel and define the boundaries of the booth. Of course it brought more disheartening because I didn’t know where to get one. I remembered the lantern hanging in our backyard asked mom if I could paint it black. Then I handed my light stand and the lantern to my dad and asked him to make it into a lamp post, and thankfully he figured it out. I also found a tube from posters in our garage, inserted the top portion of the light stand into the tube and covered the rest with black material. Voila!

When everything seemed to come together, there was still a blank backdrop. My younger sister happens to be an artist, obviously she was chosen to scribble with some chalk, except she took it all serious and used a ruler at it. My brother came to the rescue again and combined in photoshop a cityscape with a street view and merged it all nicely in one document for her to sketch. It was all good until I came into my sister’s room in the morning and saw the boards half filled and with an update of her progress. Poor thing. I never intended this to be such a burden for her, or take ten hours of her sleep. Thank you Dina, for pulling through. Besides the humongous little bumps along the way, a photo booth came together and everyone was happy! The hats and mustaches were bought and made last year. What else is there to say, but THE END!

And here are the designers!

Cheers, Yuliya


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