Christmas Everything

I miss Christmas. In fact I made a folder entitled Christmas Everything where I put all the pictures taken during this joyful time of the year. Looking through it makes me sad it’s gone so soon. The trip to the Nutcracker with Dina before Christmas Eve, when we dressed up and all and walked just too many blocks around downtown that night. The many trips to my favorite bakery with lavish Christmas ornaments hanging beautifully above the bar table. The many get togethers with friends and family. Baking with Dina just about anything we wanted from Russian Tea Cakes to Biscotti. Decorating our Christmas cake with peppermint sticks, yum. Making pretty gift tags for presents. Receiving pretty Christmas cards in the mail. Standing way too long in the post office lines. Playing Clue until each family member could win ;), we’re that fair and all. Taking walks in the neighborhood on Christmas day singing carols, cause we’re that weird and all. Watching flames dancing in the fireplace for hours! I miss it all and definitely can’t wait for next year, cause it only gets better with years.

Loved meeting up with my high school friend 😉


4 thoughts on “Christmas Everything

    1. Actually no, I didn’t get clue, still on my wishlist ;), but we did steal it from Nadia for the holiday season. Don’t tell.

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