Random Christmas Recollections

What have I been up to? One of my favorite recent activities is opening Christmas presents, well cause it’s much more fun progressively rather than all at once. Yesterday morning we had a sister’s breakfast and I got something pretty and shiny from Vera Wang collection. Getting pretty earring never gets old. And, and . . . I’m falling in love more and more with Wishzilla, because getting exactly what you want just got to be one of the best feelings ever. My friend Maria came up to me in church on Sunday and handed me a gift, and hinted it was from my Wishzilla list. Really? My heart melted. Even though I know all my wishes, I had no clue what’s in the box and I was greatly surprised. I have the sweetest friends and family in the world, and I just love the awesomeness of Wishzilla. Besides the presents, there was baking, lots of Christmas singing at the annual Christmas concert at my church. I horribly messed up on my piano part, but I say this is not the last Christmas. I also played extremely loud A flat instead of A natural in bell choir, that I definitely blame on the uncomfortableness of my new shirt. But my little concert tragedies grew extremely minor when I found out that one college student walked for two hours in the freezing cold to get to our concert and still missed it. Next time I’m giving him a ride, forreeeeal! Poor guy.
On a happy note, all of my Christmas cards are sent out and I still get to go Christmas shopping, because giving is so much fun. If you look closely around, you’ll always find someone more needy than you, and I love the permission of Christmas to give them a gift just because.

Merry Christmas world!


One thought on “Random Christmas Recollections

  1. Oooh, I have to agree with you there, I love wishlists! They’re like goodbye kisses to buying loved ones the wrong present. 😉 Anyway, I’m sure that you played beautifully at the concert…happy Christmas!

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