Tim+Willie: Folsom Engagement

He would have proposed on their first date. After all, he saw in her an agreement he hasn’t felt with anyone before. She listened. She cared for concerns of others as if they were her own. And on top of that she ended every sentence with a wide smile. He asked her not too long after. Willie on the other hand is the type of person that gives careful thought well to everything. She calculates things in long term goals and when it came to relationship, it wasn’t any different. After all she knew Tim’s intention of being a pastor, perhaps a missionary in a far away country. And so in her sweet way Willie got input, weighed out the options, and her heart followed . . . to support Tim . . . to walk along side him . . . and to be ready to sojourn, well anywhere.

Willie and Tim, I am so thankful for you. For your big hearts. Your smiles. Your friendship. Thank you for inviting me into your lives, into your stories and your future plans. I’m thrilled for you guys and absolutely can’t wait till your wedding in March. Your story and love is beautiful. Wherever it is that God leads you, I’m thankful that our paths met. It’s a privilege to document some of the happiest days in your lives. Can’t wait to hang out with you guys again. Lots of love, Yuliya.

When I first met Willie, I could tell she has an eye for cute clothes and I was excited to see what she was going to wear to the shoot. What can I say, she looked gorgeous.

A fav . . .

After a short walk through Folsom Old Town we headed to a railroad near by for continuation of the shoot. Willie and Tim wanted to capture a sojourning theme of their future life together. After all, they plan to have a few bags in this life and to be ready to move anywhere.

Love this one

Cause a shoe shot never hurts . . .

Willie, you are so beautiful . . . and that smile! Gorgeous.

To see more of Willie and Tim’s photos click HERE for slideshow!

Enjoy . . .


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