Our All American Thanksgiving

We sat next to the fireplace and to its flames happily dancing reminisced on the past year. What happened on this day last year, frankly no one remembered. We all laughed about it, and concluded that this Thanksgiving day was our favorite. The day was peaceful, but most importantly . . . happy.

After a weekend in Portland and two days of catching up on sleep, Thanksgiving day came too quickly and so I ended up in the emergency store with high prices, that’s right Walgreens. While mom was cooking away in the kitchen, my sister and I were planning the evening. Fireplace would be nice . . . oh and a Christmas garland above the fireplace mantle . . . board games? And so I headed to Walgreens for a fire log and push pins to hang our garland. Thankfully I made the apple pie a day early for fear that we would run out of ingredients, which usually happens when I bake. Once the garland was up above the fireplace, mom informed us that some corn bread would be a great addition to our All American Thanksgiving. Obviously. This time it was my sister that went to the store to get the one missing ingredient. Of course some phone calls followed to the rest of the sisters to help out with table decorations, and a brother-in-law was put to making gravy in the kitchen shortly before the meal, clearly an artist does any job best.

As the family passed the corn bread around the table, cut the turkey, and enjoyed delicious slices of apple pie, I couldn’t help but smile and love everything about my family. Our last minute plans. The spontaneity. The group efforts. The runs to the store. Corn bread. The overpriced fire log. The unrelated to us-couple at our Thanksgiving table, whom we call family. We ended the night extremely late, playing Clue next to the fireplace. Obviously most of us were “clueless” about the game, but by the end of the night we made up our own original game plan, because clearly that’s how we roll.


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