Coffee Shops, Photography, and Thank You Cards

There is always so much to share with you blog. I want you to know the latest marketing tips I read, my plans for the holidays, the amazing magazine I just got in the mail, oh and how good I am at inventing ways to hurt myself. My finger still has a blood stain from five minutes ago when I tried to pick up a camera off my shelf with one hand, while still trying to hold my balance on my office chair. Who could of thought that you can cut yourself with a viewfinder of your camera. Go figure! While all of these things might eventually make their way to my blog, there is something, or rather someone special that I wanted to talk about today.

Remember the time you came across a small bakery or a coffee shop. It didn’t look too attractive from the exterior, but you decided to try it anyway. Your first visit was a success and you kept coming back for more coffee and pastries, and soon it became a habit, your favorite little spot in town. That’s a little how I feel about my experience with them, the two special people I’m going to talk about. Except they are the ones trying out the new spot. They asked me to shoot their wedding back when I was just starting out on my photography journey (seems like ages, but it’s been barely two years). I didn’t have a website, nor cupcakes to give out. Just me and my camera, and my whole heart. We were a perfect fit and their sweet thank you note after the wedding said it all. Rewind one year some months later, they asked me to take their pictures . . . again!!! We had the bestest time and shortly after another card followed. The intricately handmade front of the card says it all. Their appreciation, satisfaction, smiles. Tim and Marina, I love you! Thank you for picking me!

Oh and I do agree with Marina that Greek textbooks make fine books for decoration, my Machen in this photo ;).


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