Nothing is too hard for practice and determination

Cold water is the last thing that comes to my mind these falls days. With pitch black evenings nowadays, the real fall temperature, and boots on my feet, I have to force myself to think of swimming. So I did. Yesterday, I joined my sister and her friend at an indoor pool for a short twenty minute swim. And of course, it was refreshing, fun, and thankfully warm for the most part. When I got out after swimming a few laps, my sister’s friend asked me to teach her how to swim, they way I do. I smiled. While I’m nowhere close to a good swimmer, I’m happy with where I am today, because believe it or not three years ago I barely made it to the end of the first lap.

I left the pool reminiscing on those days when I sat at the pool watching others swim, and on how difficult it seemed in the beginning, but at the end of the day anything can be accomplished with some time and practice. I myself am guilty of thinking way too often that all I need is a set of tricks to be successful. Oh how amazing it would be to take three easy steps and have a thriving business in wedding photography. Or better a 30 day program to master the cello, I would definitely be a Yo-Yo Ma number two. The truth is there aren’t just three steps, and they are anything but easy. What there is though to success, in anything you undertake, is a lot of practice, will, and sometimes even getting water in the nose. You might not be sitting in front of an empty pool with a swim cap and goggles in hand, it might be scores of music, a digital camera, an organizing project, or a tall volleyball net, but whatever it is, it all can be conquered with lots of practice and determination. So what’s next on your list?


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