iLove him

As usual he was over on a Wednesday night, but instead of being asleep by 9pm, he was up and playing. I was talking on the phone when I walked in the house and couldn’t greet Josiah as I usually do, with a loud and very high pitched JOSIAH! I’m sure the person on the phone would thank me for that later. Instead he greeted me with arms outstretched . . . and that’s when my heart melted. No really. I looked at him with an “are you sure you want me to pick you up?” look, and to my surprise he still held out the arms. Unfortunately I don’t hang out with my nephew too often and when he is over, I’m usually gone. Last Sunday night, I spent an hour or so playing with him and I guess he remembered the laughs and the amazing great time we had together. Not sure how long this love is going to last, but at least for tonight, we are friends, he sits in my lap, and we even laugh . . . together!

ooooh and here is the proof! I love you Joe!


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