The Giving Economy

“That would be such a nice thing to do . . . but a few extra dollars?” I stood in line at a Starbucks debating. On my way to see my younger sister an idea popped into my head to get her a drink as well. Calculating how much I already spent for coffee shops that month made me hesitate. As my turn came to order I still added the extra drink, although not too confidently. A barista interrupted my fixation on the purchase with the rustle of pastry bags. Before fulfilling my order he asked me if I wanted a free pastry with a few of my favorites to choose from. I’d take a Starbucks pastry any day, so I happily accepted the offer.

That episode happened almost a year ago, but it comes to my mind often when I stand at a crossroads of whether or not to give or to be extra generous. I have been proven countless times that whenever I give it will be given back to me in some way. Sometimes it’s a free pastry, other times something intangible as appreciation, respect and friendship. But even with the proofs and reminders as these, I still fail and calculate to my disadvantage. This is a reminder for me, and perhaps even for you, to give and see it multiply.

Someone once remarked to me about money, “You can’t keep it if you give it all away.” My response is, “You won’t be satisfied if you keep it all to yourself, be it time, your skill or your money, and neither will you experience the happiness from giving, and the amazing ways it gives back.” I hope this will challenge you to find ways to give, get creative and see the blessings that come with it! Happy Giving!

And since we sure love pictures around here, this is a recent one of me with my lovely sister Dinah.


4 thoughts on “The Giving Economy

  1. you forgat to mention about the photographer of this picture:) you both look lovely my dear sisters. and you are sure right about giving…it’s a blessing to give even without expecting someting in return.

  2. Couldn’t agree more, Its like what mom always told us “Cast your bread on the surface of the waters, for you WILL find it after many days” Eccl. 11:1

  3. Haha, she was probably using your computer or something like that ;). It happens to Dina sometimes when I use her computer and forget to log out ;). sister what can I say.

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