Diane & J.C. : Napa Valley Engagement

How about a lovely engagement session to end the week?

Their relationship started off with a little matchmaking magic by their friend many years back, and their marriage will be celebrated by their close friends and family at the charming Chateau La Joye next summer. When they first met they fit like a glove. She has heard about him continuously from a friend. He on the other hand having just gotten out of a relationship, saw in this girl something special. Both in their early twenties at the time, young and full of passion, they fell for each other hard. Years later Diane was sitting at a table when J.C. brought out a tiny wind-up toy made by his grandfather many years back for his fiancée and used by J.C.’s father to propose to his fiancée as well. Carrying the tradition to the third generation, the wind-up toy carried a ring right up to Diane. The lucky girl slipped the ring on her finger and then slipper her hand into his.

World, meet Diane and J.C. The sweet, romantic and in love . . .

Diane, you are beautiful!

You two look good together, foreeeal!

A fav . . .

. . . and how about some soccer to end the night?

Diane and J.C., thank you! For your smiles, for your big hearts, the stories and the laughs! I’m privileged to work with you and can’t wait to hang out with you again.

To see more of Diane and J.C. photos click HERE for a slideshow!

Happy Weekend.


4 thoughts on “Diane & J.C. : Napa Valley Engagement

  1. Yuliya!
    We love the photos!And the best is that we had so much fun taking them. Can’t wait to work with you again in July for our Wedding. You are amazing!! Take care 🙂
    -Diane and J.C.

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