Rachmaninoff and a Lady in Red

If there’s one thing that’s always welcome in my household, it’s gotta be spontaneity. Whether you want it or not a lot of the life is planned out for you. Like the fact that after Tuesday comes Wednesday . . . and unfortunately not Friday. So when Dinah announced on Saturday morning that she is going to the Philharmonic Orchestra that night, I was more than thrilled to join. What better way to spend a Saturday evening than in a grand concert hall with beautiful live music reigning in the air. I headed straight to Sacramento downtown after a shoot in Napa, and asked Dina to bring me one of my nicer coats to look a little more decent. After all people really do dress up for these things, and one of these days we just might too.

We got seats just to my liking, and for the next two hours enjoyed the bliss of hearing amazing music, the atmosphere of a grand concert hall, and a needed night out for both of us. As usual it took me some time to figure out why my sister wanted to go badly to this particular concert. Well for one thing live orchestras are rare. Another, is that my sister is a piano major and listens to classical music a lot a little now and then. But there was Rachmaninoff in the program. Duh! We sure love a little bit of Rachmaninoff in our lives, although I haven’t played him yet ;). What was even more special, the pianist that was playing the piece performed all of the Rachmaninoff concerti, and that’s talent. After the first piece was over we waited impatiently for Olga Kern, the pianist, to come out, guessing what color dress she will wear. I won, it was red and it was beautiful. And the concerto . . . breathtaking. Orchestra is something, but piano combined with orchestra . . . to die for. I could get used to hearing them every week. In fact I jokingly whispered to my sister that I would even consider becoming a concert pianist myself, after all who wouldn’t want to have their dresses designed by a top fashion designer. We left the orchestra happy and excited, cause a little spontaneity and a lot of beautiful music go extremely well together.

And if you’re looking for me in these photos, let’s just say I wasn’t looking decent enough for the orchestra ;).

Happy Thursday Internet!


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