Girls in White Dresses . . .

I love those nights of all of us together. The nights when jokes and laughter simply don’t stop in the kitchen. The nights when my sisters are over and the whole fam gathers in the kitchen. I’m happy for my sisters, for their wonderful caring husbands, and the most adorable nephew . . . but I miss them. Miss having them around all the time. Miss their advice. Miss their voices and their jokes coming from the kitchen.

In September I happened to shoot my friends’ wedding and the cool thing about that, was having my three sisters as guests at a wedding. Seeing familiar faces at the ceremony and getting hugs from guests is not very typical at weddings, so this was a special treat. Oh and the fun of having my youngest sister on the spot for input . . . because a sister’s advice is priceless. At the end of the ceremony we got a picture of all four of us. We are definitely standing out of order when it comes to age, more like by maturity level, (with me being at the end of the chain) ;). Oh and the height . . . this picture has it all wrong. I promise I am the third tallest in my family, not the shortest! If you’re new to my family and my blog, how about you figure out the age order in the comments field? Until next post! Have a happy Thursday!


4 thoughts on “Girls in White Dresses . . .

  1. I think you’re all the same age:) it’s actually pretty cool to be at the weddings where you’re shooting…see your smiles and give you hugs…priceless:)

  2. I think that the sister on the middle left is oldest, then the sister on the furthest left, then YOU, then the sister in the middle right is the youngest???

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