Wool Coats Rainbow

Remember my previous post about the difficulty of transitioning into fall? Well . . . worry no more, I am fully adjusted now. For some it might be shoes, for others scarves that they have too many of, but I should get award for having the most wool coats. No seriously, in the next few years I just might a complete rainbow of colors. Wool coats are just the easiest thing for me to find, and to buy, because obviously I will be wearing it the entire winter season and probably the next one as well. A brilliant justification. This morning I stopped by Ross to look for a pair of skin color heels that I’ve been trying to find for a few months now, and I found a wool coat. Logically. Oh and at an extremely low price of $35. I got even more excited when I came home and found the same Guess wool coat at Victoria’s Secret online store for $118 on sale. That is enough to make any shopper’s day! Cold weather, you are totally welcome now.

And here is my coat, except mine is in purple ;). I just might wear it to your shoot!


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