The Zennies

Let’s see, you are puzzled about the title. Well there is a reason I’m not an author of best sellers, I can’t always come up with a good title. But back to the zennies. It’s kind of like a family and the members get called that. Pretty simply.

One of the challenges I faced in the beginning of my business was the whole dilemma with print orders. All I knew about photographers is that they print themselves at a lab of their choice and ship the orders to their clients. As simple as it sounds, I knew I couldn’t fulfill the orders myself, neither could I settle on just one lab. The question tourtured me a lot a little, until I became a zennie. A huge burden fell of my shoulders and on top of that I got so much more than I could ask for. If you can’t relate to being a zennie, you can definitely relate to finding a long-sought solution for something. In this case it was finding an image hosting site, Zenfolio. Oh and in case you haven’t figured out, the family members refer to each other as zennies. Brilliant, I know. Back to the simplicity it brought into my life. Zenfolio fulfills all my print orders that ship straight to my clients’ home in a matter of days. It stores unlimited amount of images. It allows one to quickly browse through high resolution images. It’s customizable to the photographer’s brand. And the best thing yet, my bride’s aunt, cousin, and grandma can browse through entire wedding galleries without having to bother the bride for a CD. Love it! Zenfolio has so many features that I just love and it helps me do my job better and faster. No, I didn’t get paid for writing this, I’m just one happy zennie.

Not sure which photo to share with you, but if you haven’t yet, check out my online gallery. Happy Weekend world!


2 thoughts on “The Zennies

    1. They use Mpixpro for their lab for printing and it’s amazing quality. I use Mpixpro lab for my disc labels, picture printing and it’s awesome. I didn’t try canvas yet.

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