“We write to taste life twice . . .”

“We write to taste life twice.” I often see this quote on Target journals and it never fails to inspire me. Because truly that’s what writing does, it makes one relieve events, fun memories, occasions one never wants to forget. Although I’ve been getting busier with weddings and engagement posts, I still want my blog to be a place which collects memories, simple days out with my sisters, my adventures, discoveries and strolls around town. Narrowing it to just a small window in my life would not do justice to me and my readers, and so I hope that you will get to look through many different windows and travel through wide and narrow alleys of my life.

The past weekend I spent with my three friends, who are lovely, sweet, and just too fun to be around. We were hoping to make this a bigger trip to include many others, but it turned out to be amazing even with just the four of us. After my night of packing I spent half the day driving with my friends to San Diego and sharing in many fun adventures. I’m still laughing about our hotel room which we switched in the middle of the night, because the noise made it unbarrable to sleep. Our hat search experience. Spontaneous shopping. Walking through a wet and slippery tunnel into a cave. The things we complained about and so many more. At the end of the day I am so thankful for friends like Maria, who have ideas to drive to San Diego for a weekend, for friends like Olesya, who make it happen and have enough mile points for anything in your life, for friends like Natasha who have birthdays on trips and on top of that treat you to a nice dinner. Can’t wait till our Portland trip for Olesya and Borya’s wedding.

Thank you Olesya for the lovely pictures!

My beautiful friends!

By far my favorite place in San Diego, I can taken in this view any time!

That was one of the sweetest moments on the trip

Yours truly once again. Than you Olesya for capturing a few photos of me, I love them!

The End!


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