Cassie & Eric: Kaiser Roof Garden Wedding

She walked out on the balcony and scanned the horizon. Berthed right next to the hotel, sail boats gently rocked on the water. In the distance skyscrapers of downtown Oakland stood out on the skyline. The sky was slightly overcast, but it wouldn’t be so for long. Today was her wedding day and the day just had to be perfect.

“Does defend you sound weird?” she asked her sister from the balcony while finishing up her vows. “You should say it with your hands on your hips, that will work!” she answered. The sisters burst into laughter and Cassie paced the balcony repeating, “I will defend you,” with a punch on defend. Happiness reigned in the Waterfront hotel room decorated with fun wallpaper, just to Cassie’s taste.

A few hours later on the rooftop garden in the heart of downtown Oakland, she held Eric’s hand and read her vows to him. Holding back the tears she said in her sweet voice, “I will defend you.” Before the officiant finished asking if she takes Eric to be her husband, she burst out a yes and yes again. And so it happened. Against the backdrop of Oakland skyscrapers Eric and Cassie were announced Mr. and Mrs. Schoeffler. Eric took her hand and walked down the aisle with his now wife, beaming in her cupcake dress. As the sun began to sink behind the buildings and the stringed lights lit around Lake Merritt below, they slow danced in each other’s arms, barely holding in the happiness that overflowed them both.

Cassie and Eric, where do I begin? You both are so amazing and precious to me! It was an absolute honor to be with you on your wedding day! I remember the day you called me and invited me to Italian meal in no other but Oakland. Then our next adventure on the streets of Oakland, capturing some engagement photos. Your sweet gift after the session. Taking a part of your wedding has definitely been an exciting and absolutely fun adventure. I wouldn’t be surprised if we bump into each other in Oakland once again. I wish you both happiness as you now journey through life . . . together! Take it easy on the Cook Islands. Love you to pieces, Yuliya!

Thank you to my friend Olesya for second shooting the wedding with me!

Cassie’s wedding dress rocks. Handmade by her friend.

Meet Cassie’s dress designer. Not often do designers show up to weddings to fix the bride’s dress. Love it!

Cassie and Eric love Oakland, with love being too weak of a word. In a book on history of Oakland, which Cassie gave to Eric as a gift, they noticed Kaiser roof garden and before you know it, booked it for their wedding.

Cassie picked out the shoes long before anything else, and they just happen to be of my favorite color. Clearly we are a match made in heaven!

Cassie, you are gorgeous!

Hello miss beautiful!

Where will these two go without Scrabble? I’m sure they hid it somewhere in their suitcase πŸ˜‰

Cassie and Eric along with all their guests signed a Ketubah at the wedding! I should have signed my name in Hebrew πŸ˜‰

I heart teachers!

First dance captured by Olesya.

The End!

To see more photos from Cassie & Eric’s wedding click HERE for slideshow.


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