Leschinski Family Time

It’s almost like Christmas, but even better! The Leschinski family had a new addition to their family just over a week ago, and just like at Christmas the whole family is home together, everyone is excited and happy, and the little gift they got . . . cannot be any cuter. World, meet the precious little guy, Isaac Leschinski. It’s always a treat to hang out with Mike, Ira, Katia and now Isaac in their lovely home in West Sac. And now that we’ve discovered that Isaac is a much more willing model than Katia, I might stop by more often!

Love you guys,


About a year ago, I took a similar shot of Isaac’s sister.

And one of the three of us!

The End!


9 thoughts on “Leschinski Family Time

  1. yuliya! you did an amazing job πŸ™‚ thank you so much for capturing these very precious moments for us. our family feels so much more complete with isaac πŸ™‚ now we will have these memories forever! love them and you πŸ˜‰

  2. Wow these pictures are so beautiful just as the family in them. Photographer did a great job on capturing such precious memories. Ira & Mike I am so happy for you guys πŸ™‚ God has truly blessed your family with a new little gift from Him.May Isaac grow to be a strong man of God!

  3. Yulia, you’re such a gifted photographer, my name is Marina, and I’m Ira’s cousin from NY. I wish you could do pictures of my little Vera. And by the way you’re not only gifted as a photographer you write great comments as well

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