A Midsummer Night

We parallel parked on one of the busy corners of downtown at night. Worn out after a volleyball game we walked slowly down the crowded streets of our town just beginning to awake with its night life. Enjoying the warm breeze we strolled together to a local burger place intending to meet with our friends for a late dinner. “Nice place for a photo shoot,” we both noted walking underneath a bridge connection two parking structures, laughing at how similarly we think. It’s me mainly shooting, but I never execute an idea without running it past Dina first. She is my control police so I don’t run wild with my dreams. In all our adventures we haven’t ventured into this corner of town. Not seeing any familiar faces by the outdoor patio of the restaurant we joked about eating our dinner alone. We weren’t alone for too long and soon enjoyed an outdoor dinner on a warm summer night. Seeing one of my friends take out her iPhone I asked her to take a picture of us, right there on the patio, with tungsten light illuminating our faces, so that in days to come I would remember. Remember the carefree strolls along the night city, the fun dinners with people that mean the world to me, my sister’s sweet friendship, and our adventures together!


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