Friday Randomness

My mom called me from the photo lab all panicked. “They ruined your photo order, they cut off the heads on your pictures!” She then told me that the lab offered her a discount and said they would reprint them for me correctly. I started laughing historically, puzzling my mom on the other side of the line, who thought I should take the matter more seriously. This was so funny to me, that I told mom I will explain later, just get what they gave you. “You cut them off on purpose?” Yep mom, clearly there is something wrong with me. Sometimes I want to highlight something in the photo, bring attention to a detail that will otherwise go unnoticed, and so I crop . . . believe it or not . . . people’s heads!!!! The conversation gave me a good laugh and every time I look up at the wallets I printed I chuckle some more. Happy Friday!

*For those interested I do all my cropping in camera ;).


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