Day Off

Today was an official day off and it felt sooooo good. There was no email writing . . . or checking. No editing, no posting. Just a day of roaming around San Francisco and Sausalito with my younger sister Dina. And since my official day off is not over yet, instead of writing about my day in a story format, I thought I’d take the easier route and list instead.

A few highlights from our trip in no special order . . .

. . . ocean breeze
. . . driving through Golden Gate Bridge covered in clouds
. . . eating a falafel at a restaurant that reminded me of Jerusalem
. . . later enjoying a delicious crepe in the outdoor patio of Squat and Gobble
. . . mixing French and Hebrew phrases
. . . being a passenger (a very rare occasion)
. . . reminiscing on all the fun trips to SF
. . . looking down at aqua colored ocean from a vista point
. . . parallel parking (my favorite)
. . . coffee at one of my favorite Starbucks spots
. . . walking along the ocean at Sausalito
. . . being a tour guide

and of course
. . . spending a whole day with Dina


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