You do what?

It was far from being a Memorial Day in my neighborhood today. I declared it to be the National Sick Day. My whole family has some kind of sickness, including my little nephew who went to ER last night. I came down with a minor cold just for the company I guess. While my body is aching, my mind is in exceptionally creative mode and wanted to write.

As I mentioned before, I love writing just as much as photography, if not more on days like these. Photography doesn’t define me. It’s only a part of me. A big one when it comes to what I do for living, but an extremely small one when it comes to who I am as a person. In fact, it makes me smile when my acquaintances or friends from college ask me what I do nowadays. I don’t try to be ambiguous about my life or photography, but it helps to repeat out loud my goals and my direction in life. If you’re one of my blog fans I hope I don’t bore you from repeating myself.

A little over a year ago, I turned my passion for photography into a business and decided to see if this photography thing will turn out. Making things official helped me to grow my business and helped me to define where I want to be in a long run. I don’t claim to be something big or important, but I offer nothing less than my whole self to each of my clients. Along with a decision to run my own business, I also narrowed down on one path. I used to photograph everything, well because I love photography and it was fun. The further along I got though, I realized I couldn’t be the all photographer, meaning shoot families, baby sessions, senior portraits and what not. My focus then, was shifted to just wedding photography. It was a hard decision to make, but once I narrowed down my focus to weddings, I started loving them even more. I still shoot families once in a while, but it’s reserved only to my past clients. I am happy to say that I am a wedding photographer and I still hope to be one and a better one in the next years. What will happen next, I don’t know. But for today I am working hard on being the best wedding photographer I can be for my dear brides. I am hoping to get even more weddings this year, to make more friends in the process, and to bring something special to each couple’s wedding day.

At the end of the day I’m happy, and also very humbled to work with such amazing people I meet along my wedding photography journey. It couldn’t have turned out any better.


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