Clothes Lines, Emily, and Writing.

I love blogging. Sometimes I ask myself what part of wedding photography business I love more, writing or the shooting part? And it’s always a hard call. Writing was hardly ever on my fun things to do list, but somehow through a set of circumstances in my life and some key people that crossed my path, I got into writing. What’s even more scary . . . I started liking it! Today, I thought I would share about one person that influenced me to write.

She lived on the second floor of my dorm, almost right above my room. Her roommate befriended my roommate and soon I got pulled into the friend circle as well. Yet I didn’t meet Emily until the end of the semester. I had a few classes with her roommate and during finals week I went up stairs to give her a study guide. I still remember clothes lines hanging across their low ceiling with layers of laundry pinned to them. I haven’t seen that in a dorm room yet, but it was definitely creative and I’m sure saved lots of quarters. As I chatted with her roommate and observed all the interesting articles in the room, Emily walked in full of excitement. She talked as if we knew each other for a long time, and somewhere in between her stories of Israel, her favorite professor, books and hiking, we became friends. In the dorm room. With laundry hanging right above our heads. For most of our college years we studied in different countries. One random lunch at the cafeteria, during the semester we were both in CA, one of us or maybe both of us had a brilliant idea of writing letters to each other. You know like the old fashioned way. And so we became pen pals. She wrote to me from England. I wrote to her from Israel. Then letters from Emily came from Africa and New Zealand. You can read her blog to find out about all the other places in the world she trekked after college ;). Another random lunch hour in CA came around, and this time I asked my pen pal how can I get better at writing. I didn’t particularly enjoy writing at the time, neither did I have much of a need to write, but Emily was a brilliant with her pen. I still don’t know how she endured my horrible letters. One way or another something in her attracted me to writing. I wanted to write better and was hoping my friend could give me one piece of advice. She straightened her necklace from a recent trip to Uganda and taking a last sip of her water said, “Write more.” That was it. It was hard for me to agree with that at first. I thought I did write a lot. But it wasn’t until years later that I felt the magic in my pen work. Only when I started writing and writing a lot, I started improving. There was no secret sentence structure I had to learn, it was the practice of writing that made me better at it. Frankly I am still very very far off from being a good writer, but I can see a ton of progress and that’s a reason to celebrate. Thank you Emily for your inspiration and I hope I inspired some of you! Happy Thursday!


And because posts are always better with a photo, here is a random shot I took while in San Jose. One of these days I hope to do a photo shoot next to this wall.


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