Cassie & Eric: Oakland Engagement

With her brisk walk “with a purpose”, she walked across the school for her job interview. Many thoughts rushed through her mind as the sounds of her heels echoed in the school hallways. He walked more casually, enjoying the sunset, and not too worried about the interview process. It was a big day for both of them, but they didn’t know how big until later. The pressure turned into excitement when they both found out that they were hired for the job. She was thrilled to start settling into her new classroom and he was awaiting the adventure teaching would bring.

They were both hired on the same day and naturally stuck together when the school started. Having just moved across the country to Oakland, Cassie found an ideal friend in Eric. They chatted about their class schedules, syllabus, their expectations for the school year, and in between about life in Oakland, Cassie’s recent move, and what to do on weekends . . . for relaxation. As the semester went on, so did their conversations until it was too late to turn back. She was no longer just the cute English teacher that got hired on the same day, Cassie became a big part of his life, the part he could do no longer without. “I don’t think there was any asking,” Cassie smiled retelling their story, “It all just happened.”

The clock was about to strike midnight as they celebrated a new year at a concert. Hundred of balloons fell from the ceiling as the clock stroke twelve. Cassie was so enthusiastic about the show and kept telling Eric to look at the balloons. He on the other hand was trying to get her attention with something sparkling in his hand. There wasn’t any asking this time either. As he finally got her attention from the myriads of balloons falling from the ceiling, he loudly stated to her, “You should marry me!” and Cassie happily agreed.

Cassie and Eric, I love you both and feel so honored to capture your story! Cruising around Oakland with you guys a week ago was exciting and a lot of fun. I can’t wait to come back to Oakland again, for your wedding first, and then for many other nights. Thank you for all the preparation you put into this shoot. Can’t wait to see how your wedding will come together, without the sparkles in the dress of course ;)! Much love, Yuliya.

We started with a picnic and Cassie and Eric’s favorite, scrabble 😉

This book the couple found in the basement of their house . . . I wonder what else they can find there 😉

Vintage BMW + pretty sunset light + gorgeous couple = perfection!

Cassie’s sister got these shoes for her, and Cassie rocked them out at the shoot.

After a quick outfit change we headed to Flora. I think I heard about the vintage wallpaper at the Flora restaurant before I heard about how Eric and Cassie met ;). They both love the place and Cassie can’t get over their wallpaper pattern. I don’t blame her.

Cassie and Eric wanted to do a night shoot in Oakland, so we waited just after sunset for this part of the shoot. While it was a bit challenging with the light, I love how Cassie and Eric look in these photos. Oakland in the night time is so them and they rocked it out beautifully!

A big thanks goes to my friend Dima who let me borrow his camera for these last shots!

They did not request Marriage Material sign, but it worked out perfectly!

We ended the shoot with some slow dancing under stringed lights . . . a perfect ending to any day!

. . . and my favorite.

To see more photos of Cassie and Eric click HERE for a slideshow!

Happy Tuesday ;D


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