Odette & Robert: Nautical Engagement

They grew up in the same town in the Philippines, went to the same school, and even might have been part of the same class for some time, which they are still hoping to find out in the school records, but it wasn’t until many years after that they met . . . and not on the islands . . . but in California.

They have a friend to blame for that, who saw them as a perfect fit for each other and matched them up unbeknownst to them. The friend kept telling Odette about this one guy in the Air Force, and meantime pointed Robert to some pictures of Odette online to spike his interest. Stationed at Texas at the time, Robert made a trip to San Jose to catch up with some old friends . . . and perhaps to see Odette in person. That same friend invited Odette on an outing and unbeknownst to her invited Robert as well. They were both silent for most of the time, but despite the awkward meeting, Robert was struck by the beauty of the girl he heard so much about, and she found that agreement in him that she hasn’t felt with others. It was meant to be and their pursuit of each other officially began. Then followed long talks on the phone, occasional meetings, and not long after Robert felt the need to leave Air Force and be with the girl he couldn’t do without.

This August they will finally be married and I am thrilled to share in their story and capture their sweet love! I love you two, and will never forget our adventurous afternoon in El Dorado Hills. It was a bit chilly, but the nautical experience was so worth it. Can’t wait till your wedding!

We started off with some urban shots at the El Dorado Town Center.

Look at this girl, she is gorgeous! Hair and makeup were done by the extremely talented Jessica Do.

Looove these!

After a quick outfit change, some detours on the road, and a cold drink from Starbucks, we were ready for some more shots at the Folsom Lake Marina. Let the nautical experience begin!

These two rocked it out beautifully!


I hardly shoot at sunset, but the setting sun was just perfect for these shots!

Are you sure you weren’t part of the Navy, Robert?

Pretty backlight + a gorgeous couple = perfection!

I think this is my favorite shoe shot of the year, any votes?

To see more photos of Odette and Robert click HERE for a slideshow!


2 thoughts on “Odette & Robert: Nautical Engagement

  1. Yes indeed very very beautiful! =) I loved how Yuliya wrote our love story! She narrated it a lot better than we could ever do. =)

    We are so blessed to have Yuliya as our photographer. We are going to treasure these pictures for a lifetime. Now we can’t wait to get married! =)

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