Elizabeth & Michael: Napa Valley Engagement

He walked out of the store and noticed a girl following him all the way from school. He kept turning around to take a look at her . . . she in return smiled and kept following him home. They were both in third grade at the time. Starting the same middle school a few years later, that same girl was smiling from across the school and now he noticed for real. They finished high school together and enrolled in the same college, well . . . because they no longer could be apart. Little did Elizabeth know following Michael from school one day, that the boy she had a crush on, would ask her to marry him many years later. This August they will finally get married and will walk home . . . well together!

Elizabeth and Michael, it’s such an honor to work with you two! Thank you for the most wonderful afternoon in Napa. I can’t wait to hang out with you guys again! Much love, Yuliya.

Click here to see their slideshow.

We started off at the beautiful Chateau Montelena

A fav

Elizabeth, you are just gorgeous!


Chateau Montelena overlooks a lake, which was added to the winery when the castle switched owners. Lucky for us, we found a small boat berthed right near the edge.

After a quick outfit change we countinued the session at the nearby culinary institute.

You guys make everything look good, love it!

To see more photos of Elizabeth & Michael, click HERE for slideshow.


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