One of a kind wedding gifts

Do you guys remember the gorgeous Danielle and Jeffrey? The Shiksa Studio featured their whole wedding film on their blog and if you still haven’t seen it, get ready for something special. I had the honor of photographing Jeff and Danielle’s wedding back in September, and three days before the big day, Jeff called me asking if I can still help him find someone to do their wedding video as a gift for Danielle. I emailed Aleks right away to see if he was available. Within minutes he responded saying that he was planning to go to camp that weekend, but if I really wanted him to do my wedding he is willing to do it. I had to correct him that it wasn’t my wedding ;), but thankfully he still agreed to shoot without knowing much about the couple. The first response I heard from Jeff was, “Aleks is AWESOME!” He was absolutely thrilled to know that he is available, and loved what Aleks had to offer. Three days later Aleks and his lovely wife Diana joined me at the beautiful Maison du Lac in Los Gatos, and Danielle was presented with one of a kind wedding gifts from Jeffrey, a wedding video. You can watch it here or click on the video link below, and don’t forget your tissue, it’s that good. Happy Monday!


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