It’s always better when we’re together . . .

We set there laughing and trying to say as many things we could simultaneously, because it has been a long time since we’ve been all together. Only Josiah was louder than us. With his high pitched voice sounding farther than ours, we got many looks from the people sitting around us at the bakery this morning. Maybe because he too was extremely excited for us. I looked at the three girls sitting next to me and thought about how much I value them, how much each of them has invested into my life, has changed me for the better, and has truly been there through the better and the worse. Our time together was so short that I felt like we haven’t even touched the surface of the things we really wanted to talk about, but no matter how short it was, it was nevertheless sweet. I know that God didn’t give me a choice whether or not I want these three girls as my sisters, but if he would, I would choose them in a heartbeat, all over again.


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