Not after this story

It was getting late into the day. The thought that he was not going to have a date for Valentine’s day bothered him greatly. “How was your Valentine’s?” he just imagined his friends saying. It just feels so wrong to be alone on Valentine’s Day, he muttered to himself. Walking past the soon to close shops in the mall, Dave thought about the girl he saw at Hallmark just earlier. No, I can’t just ask her out, that would be weird, what if she has a boyfriend? Starring into the ground as he walked, a brilliant thought came into Dave’s mind. He turned around. Walking back to the store, he approached the counter and asked, “Excuse me . . . there is a big, ugly guy standing outside the store claiming to be your boyfriend . . . is that your boyfriend?” “Oh, no, I don’t have a boyfriend,” she quickly brushed off the thought from her lips. Checkmate! “Oh good, I beat him up,” Dave continued with his story. “You don’t happen to have plans for Valentine’s, do you?” Rejoicing at his victory, Dave took out the Hallmark girl on Valentine’s Day, the day he dreaded so much to be alone.

It was getting late and the candles at our dinner table were almost out. I listened to Dave retell this same story while enjoying a dinner at Prof Horner’s house, where Dave lived at the time. It was his favorite story of all time and I had a feeling that I would hear it again. Somewhere. Sometime later.

“How was the date?” I asked Dave after he retold the story with great enthusiasm. “Great, we had some ice cream, took a walk, and that was about it,” he answered with half enthusiasm.

“Dave, you just lost everything you had going for Yuliya,” my professor exclaimed. “Not after this story for sure.”

We laughed. Sat a little longer until the candles burned out, with the echoes of Dave’s story still resonating each Valentine’s Day.

I was trying to find a photo with something red in it. Looking through photos from last year, I remembered Dina’s red umbrella. Love these.


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