Wury + Garrett: San Francisco Engagement

It might of been his sister’s hint, or maybe Wury’s love for sports, or maybe Wury’s constant encouragement and cheerfulness, but he definitely noticed her among all the other girls on USD campus. When Garrett asked, she was ready with an answer. The beautiful and friendly Wury liked him back just as much. Walking down a crowded sidewalk of La Jolla to their first date spot, something bigger sparked within them. It was a beginning of a love story, to be continued long after the college days are gone. For a lot of their dating they were apart. Wury studied in Denmark, then Garrett moved to San Jose, yet they grew closer with the distance. They seem to have settled down now, but I doubt it. They will explore many more places, and perhaps move a few more times, but now together!

Wury and Garrett, I don’t know where to start. I love you guys so much! I am soooooo thankful that we met. Our time together was just precious. I hope to see you many more times. In a white dress and tux first, but then at a coffee shop, or perhaps at the Brickhouse Cafe, to hear many more stories of God’s grace in your life. I’m blessed by you guys.

And just to make the post merrier, here is a slideshow from the engagement shoot. Enjoy!

We started off the shoot at the Palace of Fine Arts, with some elegance. I loved Wury’s eye for outfits, and her heels were just perfect.

We noticed this cute house on our way to the car, and Wury and Garrett just made it all the more so beautiful.

After a quick outfit change we roamed the streets of San Francisco . . .

I always wanted to take a photo at a parking garage entrance. Wury and Garrett were just the perfect couple too. Love these!

How could I pass a shoe shot opportunity! If not for the cars wanting to enter the garage, for whatever reason, I would continue to take picture here for the next hour.

We noticed this building while walking and made an extra stop to get these shots.

My fav . . . Wury, you are so beautiful and too much fun!

After a few hours of shooting we were ready for some lunch! Brickhouse Cafe was a perfect choice.

To see more photos click here for a slideshow
And for my photography friends including Wury (my future photographer friend), most of these photos were shot with a 35mm f/1.4 lens. It was just perfect for this shoot.


8 thoughts on “Wury + Garrett: San Francisco Engagement

  1. Thank you Yuliya for shooting us again! 🙂 God has given you an amazing talent to capture these awesome moments. Can’t wait to print these out and hang them up!

  2. my favorite is the trolly pictures.
    the contrast between the blue and orange is just divine.
    love it 🙂
    worked out well.

  3. Beautiful pictures! To the photographer: wonderful job!
    To Wury and Garrett: congratulations!! you guys look great! may God be glorified through your (up-coming) marriage!

  4. Congratulations Garrett, such a lovely lady, your Wury.

    Your dad has kept me informed of your life’s path and I am so proud to see glimpses of your world as it unfolds.


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