A World Tucked into a Bag

It’s a way of life for many of us, or maybe like a bad habit we know we should break one day, but never do. I often go about assuming things, or pretending that I know, while on the inside I have questions, and hope an answer will come without having to ask for it. When I started out shooting with a DSLR camera back in ’08 I had no idea where to put my lenses, and was lost when it came to a camera bag. I assumed that what I knew about is all there is, and that my friend photographers would share about their awesome bag if they discovered one, but I never asked anyone. It wasn’t until about a year later that I found out about Shootsac on a photographer’s blog, who happened to be my college friend’s brother, and my photography world has never been the same. I was hesitant to purchase it because of the price tag, but once I got it, I realized how much money I wasted by not purchasing this bag first. I wanted something to wear on me while I shoot, that would hold all of my lenses, perhaps my car keys too, and didn’t scream photographer by its looks. All of my wishes were met after my first shoot with a Shootsac, and when a friend videographer commented on how nicely it fits me, I knew I found my other half. I wish someone would share this with me when I started shooting, so I hope this helps one person. Also make sure to check out the new website of Jessica Claire, the designer behind Shootsac, it’s my favorite website to date.

And because posts are always better with a photo, here is my Shootsac against my wall and you can see me wearing it in this post and also here.

What’s in my bag?
50mm 1.4 lens
35mm 1.4 lens
85mm 1.8 lens
camera batteries
CF cards
a flash – only for weddings
car keys
business cards
water bottle on a hot day
granola bar or Starbucks snacks
. . . and the world.


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